About our Company

At Re-Bath, we believe that bathroom remodeling doesn’t need to be a messy, expensive headache. Since our inception in 1979, we’ve pioneered an entirely new concept in bathtub and shower home remodeling. We call it “The Refreshing Remodel.”

Why tear up your home and disrupt your lifestyle with weeks of laborers, dust, debris and inconvenience? At Re-Bath, we believe in preserving the tranquility of your home with quiet, clean, quick and affordable bathroom remodeling. With our high quality DuraBath SSP™ bathtub liners, we quickly and efficiently remodel your bathroom with minimum disruption to you and your home.

Re-Bath invites you to find sanctuary from the hectic demands of life in a warm, relaxing, soothing bath or rejuvenating shower. Your bathing experience should occur in the most beautiful surroundings possible. Re-Bath presents you with an alternative to worn out bathtubs, outdated tile walls and dingy shower bases. After all, it’s easier to enjoy a long soak or refreshing shower when you’re surrounded by a fresh new bathtub, walls or shower.

If you’re thinking to yourself, “I want to update my bathroom,” Re-Bath is here for you and can transform your old bathroom into an inviting retreat from life’s daily stress.

So…Relax, Refresh, Renew…with Re-Bath!

We recently purchased a tub which was installed on August 7, 2009. I am writing to say we are pleased with the appearance. Also the installation process went well and the installer was courteous and cleaned up after himself. I would recommend ReBath to others.

- Harold and Patti Erfurt

Dear Sir:

I am writing to thank you for my new master bath shower enclosure. We love it! What a change from our old shower. And it all happened in just hours!

The men you sent to install our shower arrived right on time, knew what they were doing, and completed the job in a timely fashion. They answered all of our questions and were very pleasant. They removed all debris that accumulated during the installation and the bathroom looked beautiful when they left.

We are delighted with ReBath!

- Jim and Alice Holland